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Meet The Top Eye Doctors in Jupiter, FL

Dr. Travis Kelso and Dr. Nancy Kelso have been helping the town of Jupiter see since 2003. Dr. Travis and Nancy opened a Pearle Vision franchise 13 years ago in Chasewood Plaza. In 2013, they moved across Indiantown Rd and were able to go independent of any larger corporation. This is when they opened Jupiter Eye Care.
Dr. Travis and Dr. Nancy met in Ft. Lauderdale while attending optometry school.They both wanted to stay here in Florida and decided Jupiter was the best place to open a business and raise a family. Dr. Travis and Nancy love the Town of Jupiter to live, work and play. They have three children in elementary school and love taking them out on the boat when they are not helping patients see their best.

Drs Kelso and Kelso, the optometrists in Jupiter, FL